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Affiliate members are considered those organisations who are not Customs Brokers nor Freight Forwarders, but who act as providers, suppliers or vendors of transportation related services, international business services or products specific to functions within international trade.

Every year, more and more goods are transported worldwide. However, transparency is lacking for a seamless supply chain: data on punctuality, condition of the goods, duration of handling or even detailed CO2 emissions are missing.

BlueBox Systems offers the ultimate cargo visibility through their tracking platforms BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean. Both platforms are based on more than 20 years of experience in the digitalization of logistics processes. They allow you an unprecedented real-time overview of all necessary logistics data of your cargo. Use the data with the highest quality on the market from over 130 airlines, 1.300 airports and 40 ocean freight carriers. Both solution also offer advanced reporting capabilities regarding performance, trade lane and CO2 emissions.
Whatever and however you want to send your goods around the world – with BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean you will always have the best visibility.
Contact info:

Bluebox Systems GmbH

Am Hof 28
D-53113 Bonn

+49 228 33885400

Contact person:
Martin Schulze (CEO)
+49 170 5881664

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