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Andrew Melton

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Many companies both in the EU and in the UK  have not taken all  the necessary steps to ensure their products keep moving with as little interruption as possible.  Some would appear to have been under the misunderstanding that a trade deal would mean business as usual, but whatever the outcome of trade talks between the EU and UK there will be a customs border between these trading parties and once the UK leaves the EU Customs union some form of customs declaration will be required for export and import. It is imperative that businesses plan for this and discuss it with their trading partners, International hauliers and Customs brokers, to ensure each party in the supply chain has all the necessary information and paperwork. The key to keeping goods moving will be establishing lines of communication between all parties involved in a particular supply chain, time lines will be short and during the first few months at least the potential for delay will be great.
Another area should be given consideration is Inco terms, whilst trade prior to Brexit was domestic traffic.  Inco Terms though still having a place were generally ignored more important to the contracting parties was who arranged and paid for the transport. Now however Inco terms need to be considered as they also define who is responsible for what actions, terms of  Ex Works (EXW) and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) should be avoided where possible whilst these may seem to impose the least responsibility of the exporter or importer respectively it creates issues with the relevant customs clearance. Compliant companies know  it is always best to be in control of your own fiscal representation. Therefore Incoterms terms from Free Carrier (FCA)  through to Delivered At Place(DAP) ensure the parties in the country making the declaration full control of the information provided to their national customs authority.
We thank Andrew Melton from Ligentia UK for this information.





Paul Blake

Operations Director

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