Highlights of Our Second One2One Virtual Meetings

GLA’s 2nd Virtual One2One Meetings

We would like to inform that due to the uncertain worldwide situation regarding COVID and the travel restrictions, it is not possible to plan an AGM and meet in person in the spring of the year 2021. The Board agreed to discuss the situation in February 2021 and conclude if organizing an AGM in September 2021 in Athens, Greece will be realistic.

In order to stay connected and discuss business, and due to the success of the first one we will organize our 2nd Virtual One2One Meetings for Business Development on three days; Monday March 22nd , Tuesday March 23rd and Wednesday  March 24th, 2021

The Virtual One2One Meetings will be combined with a General Assembly Meeting electronically for voting of the required business according the GLA Articles of Association. Every member in good standing will have the right to cast a vote – only one vote per member company. New members do not have the ability to vote during their first year; however, full voting rights are granted in the second year of membership and we welcome the new members to attend the Virtual One2One Meetings.

Information for the One2One Meeting Scheduler:

  • Maximum 4 persons/ 2 persons per company per meeting
  • “Screenshare” for showing documents, presentations etc.
  • Coverage of different Time Zones. The Scheduler shows the local time per invited company when scheduling the meetings
  • Date and time of your own country on your screen
  • Two minutes before the end of the meeting a “pop-up message” will indicate that the meeting will end
  • The session of the scheduler will automatically close at the end of every meeting
  • The scheduler is available as an App. for mobile phones (Apple & Android)
  • The meeting scheduler only works on Chrome and Firefox


We will inform you further in the coming period. In the meantime, please inform GLA HQ asap of the name(s) of the person(s) with e-mail address who will attend the One2One meetings, (two persons per company maximum).

Please reserve the dates 22, 23 and 24 March 2021 in your agenda. 

Highlights of Our First One2One Virtual Meetings

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