Highlights of Our First One2One Virtual Meetings

GLA’s 1st Virtual One2One Meetings

As a follow-up to our Communication Week in June this year, we like to inform that we invite the GLA members to meet each other Virtual again this year. We like to announce that the next opportunity for Virtual Business Development within GLA is on 16, 17 and 18 November 2020. For your convenience we prepared a One2One Meeting Scheduler with Time Zone Coverage and Camera. Please put these dates in your agenda for GLA’s 1st Virtual One2One Meetings.


Every GLA member is welcome to join this platform to meet the members and discuss business by video Chat

Participation to the GLA’s 1st Virtual One2One Meetings is without any costs.

The One2One Meeting Scheduler will open on Monday November 16th 08.00 hrs. CET. On Monday November 9th, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions how to use the One2One Meeting Scheduler. In that same e-mail you will receive a Login and Password in order to plan your One2One Meetings. The Meeting Scheduler allows you to plan meetings of 30 minutes (without breaks) with four (4) persons (two per company). You can make your own agenda in advance and block the times when you are not available.

Information for the One2One Meeting Scheduler:

  • Maximum 4 persons/ 2 persons per company per meeting
  • “Screenshare” for showing documents, presentations etc.
  • Coverage of different Time Zones. The Scheduler shows the local time per invited company when scheduling the meetings
  • Date and time of your own country on your screen
  • Two minutes before the end of the meeting a “pop-up message” will indicate that the meeting will end
  • The session of the scheduler will automatically close at the end of every meeting
  • The scheduler is available as an App. for mobile phones (Apple & Android)
  • The meeting scheduler only works on Chrome and Firefox


We will inform you further in the coming period. In the meantime, please inform GLA HQ asap of the name(s) of the person(s) with e-mail address who will attend the One2One meetings, (two persons per company maximum).

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