Social selling to shippers. Where to start?

01 Nov Social selling to shippers. Where to start?

I can guarantee there are some “social ninjas” plying their trade in your business today. These people could sit anywhere in your organisation and they inherently understand the benefits of social media, they’ve refined their “art” and are just doing it.

These people are not trained or coached but just understand the medium and have jumped on the opportunity to create insightful relationships with their peers, your customer base and prospects. If some of these self-taught experts sit within your sales organisation then you’ll also most likely find they are some of your top sales performers.

Now imagine if you could identify those people, document what they are doing and then roll out the best facets of their social practises across your sales organisation. Suddenly you’d have all your customer facing employees promoting your company through writing about their knowledge and engaging prospects.

Sounds a no-brainer as in today’s digital world marketing is sales and sales is marketing, however, this ideal scenario is rarely attained as companies tend to just create case studies presenting “success stories” where other staff simply read an email and then make excuses as to why social selling won’t work for their prospects or sector/vertical.

The answer to this problem is simple: 

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