Board And Committees 2020

GLA is a ‘true’ association run by its members, for its members. The structure of the Association is simple with various Committees and member Liaison Groups answering to the Board of Directors on matters that range from lead generation and group marketing through to disputes and arbitration. The Board of Directors report back to the owners of GLA… the members themselves.



The GLA Board of Directors consists of nine members. The President, the Vice President and the Treasurer who are also board members, form the executive committee, which is also referred to as the Supervisory Board of Directors. The Board is in constant communication with the Managing Director at GLA’s head office, who reports to the board about the daily management of the association. The Managing Director also gives advice to the board, but she does not take part in the voting process as the position is neutral.

The Board of Directors


Sven Algholm

President Sven Algholm

Sven is the Air & Sea Manager/Sales of First Cargo Sweden and has been a member of GLA since 2007.

More about Sven 

Vice President

Agnes Kartsaklis

Vice President Agnes Kartsaklis

Agnes is the Managing Director of ABC Shipping Transport Ltd and has been a member of GLA since 2006.

Agnes is also Chairman of the Web/Media Committee.


Enrico De Luca

Treasurer Enrico De Luca

Enrico is the Managing Director of Columbia Transport S.R.L. and has been a member of GLA since 1998.

Board Member
Joe Barry
Board Member Joe Barry

Joe Barry is the President of CAF Worldwide Inc. and has been a member of GLA since 2006.

Joe is also Vice-Chairman of the Ocean and Air committee.

Board Member

Jorge Magalhaes

Board Member Jorge Magalhaes

Jorge is the Seafreight & Bulk Operational Director of Garland Transport Solutions and has been a member of GLA since 1995.
Jorge is also the Chairman of the Compliance Committee.

More about Jorge

Board Member
Mike Wong

Mike is the General Manager of CL International Forwarding Agency Co. Ltd. and has been a member of GLA since 2012.
Mike is also the Vice-Chairman of the Web/Media Committee.

Board Member
Yuri Zerpa
Board Member Yuri Zerpa

Yuri is the General Manager of IPH Group and has been a member of GLA since 2009. Yuri is also Chairman of the “Competitive Analysis Task Force”

Board Member
Ahmed El Dahshan

Ahmed is the Managing Director of Khedivial Marine Logistics and has been a member of GLA since 2005.
Ahmed is also Chairman of the Ocean & Air committee.

Board Member
Giovanni Mele
Board Member Yuri Zerpa

Giovanni is the General Manager of Consolidated Freight Australia and has been a member of GLA since 2006.
Giovanni is also Chairman of the New Membership Committee.

Managing Director

Maureen Leeuwenburgh

Managing Director Maureen Leeuwenburgh

Maureen started to work at GLA HQ from 2004 in the position as Assistant to the GLA Managing Director and from 2011 in the position as Managing Director of GLA.

Assistant to Managing Director

Aline van Vuuren

Assistant to Managing Director Aline van Vuuren

Aline is the assistant to the Managing Director and has been working for GLA since 2016.

  • GLA Board of Directors

    • Sven Algholm
    • Agnes Kartsaklis
    • Enrico De Luca
    • Joe Barry
    • Jorge Magalhaes
    • Yuri Zerpa
    • Mike Wong
    • Ahmed El Dahshan
    • Giovanni Mele

  • GLA Executive Committee

    • Sven Algholm –  President
    • Agnes Kartsaklis – Vice-President
    • Enrico De Luca  –  Treasurer
    • Maureen Leeuwenburgh  –  Managing Director
    • Aline van Vuuren  –  Assistant to Managing Director


GLA members have always recognized the need to follow the latest trends in the ever changing world of international freight forwarding and logistics and for this purpose GLA created standing committees in which members take a seat and develop the areas for which they are responsible, to the benefit of the association. Each committee is headed by a chairman and the Managing Director is part of every committee.




Vice Chairman


Ocean & Airfreight

Ahmed El Dahshan


Joe Barry

Milinda Balasooriya

Torie Coleman

Pat Fosberry

Paige Stewart Morgan

Ettie Ben-Harrush

James Hangaya

Maureen Leeuwenburgh


Web / Media

Agnes Kartsaklis


Mike Wong

Narges Shahi

Gary Sanderson

Arthur Soares

Yuri Zerpa

Andrew Melton

Daniel Chew

James Moseley

Maureen Leeuwenburgh

New Membership

Giovanni Mele



Cora Kalinga

Yuri Zerpa

Ahmed El Dahshan

Robert van Vliet

Asier Lizeaga

Adam Henningsson

Maureen Leeuwenburgh





Jill James

Alwyn Nel

Maureen Leeuwenburgh


Jorge Magalhaes



Stephen Ho

Alwyn Nel

Miguel Rivas Torres

Maureen Leeuwenburgh

GLA Liaison Teams

Each of the six board members who are not on the Executive Committee, is also a Liaison Team Leader. Team Leaders are assigned to each member to advise on issues and problems and will be their point of contact next to the Managing Director. Team leaders build up a relationship with each member in their team and will be there to assist. Also one of the tasks of the Liaison Team Leader is to assist the Executive Director to solve occasional problems such as collection of dues, a member not attending a meeting or any sort of problem between members.
Liaison Team Leaders also have an important role at the GLA Annual General Meeting. Over all issues which have been brought to the attention of the Team Leaders are laid on the table up front. Then they are hashed out in the Liaison Teams and then these Teams report back to the GLA membership. GLA encourage the GLA members to inform of ideas for the Liaison Team discussions in order to develop the Association. Consensus is reached, votes taken and the Association is headed in new directions. It works well.

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